Strona główna/[ENG] THE CIRCUS. Interview with Andrea Mineo

[ENG] THE CIRCUS. Interview with Andrea Mineo

This year we have taken media patronage of the next edition of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. Special for our magazine the conversation with one of the circus artists and buskers Andrea Mineo. The Polish translation will be publish soon.

Magdalena Olbromska: Who is crazier, Andrea or Andy? (Andrea Mineo plays the character of Andy Spigola in the show „Boato”)

Andrea Mineo: I think that Andy is crazier, but he gets it from Andrea.

How would you describe your show, and does it send any message?

„Boato” is an interactive show that relies on audience participation. For me, street art is about receiving as much energy from the crowd as possible to create a strong connection between the artist and the audience.Everyone can take something away from my performance, but personally, I don’t focus so much on the message as I do on the energy.

Which aspect of the show do you find the most challenging?

My greatest challenge is interacting with new audiences each time I perform. It takes a lot of effort to ask people to share their energy with me.

Do you prefer to perform on stage or on the street?

I like performing on the street because you never know what will happen.
The stage is a safe place to act, while I enjoy challenges. Additionally, street audiences participate more actively in the show, which strengthens our bond. And that’s precisely what I’m going for.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

One of my favourite artists is Mimo Tuga, the Chilean street mime. He has an incredible connection with his audience. He builds his shows entirely around interactions with people, which I find amazing. One of my dreams is to do a show just like he does.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your life?

When I feel that I’m breaking my mental boundaries because it makes me feel free, and I can connect with people.

If you could learn any new circus skill, what would it be and why?

I would like to learn how to ride an acrobatic bike because when I saw this bike for the first time a few months ago, I felt like a child. I was so excited.

I’m curious to know what made you decide to become a circus artist?

I remember watching street artists perform in Milan when I was young. Years later, some of my friends became clowns performing in public spaces. It was then that I realised I could become one myself. I wanted to perform just like them, so I did everything to make it happen.

Did you go to any circus school, or did  you learn new skills primarily by yourself?

I did learn some circus tricks and skills by myself, but I also attended many workshops.

Do you have any plans for the next few months?

Honestly, I don’t know my plans for the rest of the year. I will travel and perform my show, and then I might go on holiday.

Thank you so much for the interview.

Thank you!

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Andrea Mineo, fot. Katarzyna Anna Kubiak