Strona główna/[ENG] Eastern Express Edition and Belarusian Case

[ENG] Eastern Express Edition and Belarusian Case

Join us for Eastern Express Studio

As part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Congress – Lublin 2020 on 7th October 2020 (Wednesday) from 19.30-21.00 we will be streaming online live from Eastern Express Studio. Watch the video>>

The event is divided into two modules: the first part will present the activities of Workshops of Culture Publishing. We are going to talk with invited guests, among them an expert on Eastern European literature and we will listen to writers from Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. The second part will be dedicated to the current situation in Belarus. Our guests will be prominent Belarusian writers.

The series “Eastern Express” introduces Polish readers to the most recent literary texts of Poland’s eastern neighbours, discussing the most current issues faced by Eastern European societies and showing critical distance and humour in looking at Europe, themselves in Europe and the Europe in them.

The series is most of all focused on diverse prose and essays, but also poems. Our authors include the most distinguished writers from Ukraine, Belarus or Lithuania, including Jurij Andruchowycz, Andrij Bondar, Oleksandr Bojczenko, Andrij Lubka, Hałyna Kruk, Mykoła Riabczuk, Natalka Śniadanko as well as writers little known in Poland. The range of our publications includes, among others, short stories by Oleg Sentsov, the filmmaker and writer who spent five years imprisoned in contemporary Russia’s prison camps. We are proud to work, among others, with Bohdan Zadura, one of the most acclaimed Polish translators of Ukrainian prose and poetry. The name refers to the famous “literary trains”, such as Literature Express Europe 2000, which carried over 100 writers and poets from 43 countries from Lisbon to Berlin and the Ukrainian periodical Potysah76 – “Pociąg 76” (Train 76) dedicated to the Central-East European culture.